June 10, 2012


A PDX blogger I follow said something in one of his recent posts that made me consider my own posting habits and question why quantity is important to me and why I am disappointed when I can’t post as often as I want.

For me, it doesn’t have to do with traffic. I’m mostly content with my low level of traffic (and I tend to save my traffic-generating efforts for clients). Instead, quantity is important to me because it’s practice. It’s training. It’s the work I do to keep my after-hours writing mind in shape.

Like perhaps all training endeavors, every effort doesn’t have to be a shining achievement. I don’t have to run as far as I possibly can every time I run. And I don’t think I have to be focused on writing for “serious” purposes every time I write.

I just need to show up, and I’ve discovered that showing up in a public way is what works best for me. It adds an element of accountability that scrawling in a notebook does not.

So some days I’ll write about a little fluff of a kitchen obsession. Other days (probably not today), I’ll write about the surprising thoughts evoked while watching all five seasons of Big Love, and why Snow White and the Huntsman was a missed opportunity for great storytelling. Either way, I’ll be writing.

And getting closer to saying what I want to say.

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