April 1, 2012


If I had to write an old Facebook status update for this page, it would say this:

MsLierre is overextended.

And I am.

And I have been.

For too long.

Not with lots of fun or stimulating things either.

In fact, I am struggling to enjoy the few things that actually are.

I am struggling to stay in contact with people I don’t regularly see.

I am struggling to write outside of my work responsibilities.

Actually, I’m not just struggling.

I am failing.

In a little less than 13 weeks, I will have a break.

But I need to find a way to stop the madness before then.

Until I do, I have nothing much to offer you here.

That makes me sad.

Because I meant what I said.

I do miss you, my little group of regular readers.

And for a few of you, I miss being able to communicate beyond this blog.

Know that I still think of you and am enlightened (and often entertained) by the things you are writing and sharing on your blogs, FB and Twitter.

P.S. Having little time and energy during National Poetry Month is especially hard for me to take. I miss writing, reading and sharing poetry, too. Perhaps you can celebrate NPM on my behalf. I hope you will.

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