February 7, 2012

cues vs. vibes

What qualities do we pick up about new people, animals, places or situations without realizing it and without getting any overt cues?

When I went to retrieve Jade, a new (to me) horse,  from his stall, I was suddenly flooded with memories of my material grandfather. I didn’t know why. But I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

As my lesson wrapped up, my instructor said something about Jade’s turnout flexibility that connected the dots.

“Every horse gets along with Jade.”

I suddenly remembered my mom saying, “Everyone got along with Grandpa.”

Did Jade give off signals that indicated amiability—an amiability that reminded me of my grandfather’s personality? If so, what were they?

The thing is, I do believe there was some sort of signal, but I do NOT believe it was a case of  supernatural or paranormal “vibes.”

I think people who get a vibe about something are actually receiving physical or sensory clues about something, but they’re just so subtle that they go unnoticed.

Or perhaps as a species we’ve just become too over stimulated to pay attention to nuances and certain details. 

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