January 21, 2012

tinker tailor soldier spy

As you may know from an earlier post, I was jazzed about seeing this movie. In addition to the phenomenal cast, I was  drawn to the story that was hinted at in the previews (I haven’t read the John Le CarrĂ© novel, so I wasn’t familiar with the story).

The cast was indeed brilliant.

And the story? Well, that’s where I was a little disappointed. It was not nearly as intriguing as I expected, and it was also presented in a manner that I thought was much too disjointed.

Yet, I am so glad I saw it because it’s visual perfection. Every visual aspect of the movie—from cinematography, lighting and art direction to props*, wardrobe and hair styling—takes the audience back in time and keeps them there so it almost stops feeling like anyone watching is from the future. I don’t know how they were able to pull that off, but it was a trick worth witnessing.

Although I didn’t need to witness it in a theatre.

Which is my way of saying that it’s something you should see, but not until it’s available for your Netflix queue.

*  I really want one of the posters hung on the walls of “The Circus,” but I haven’t had any luck so far. Yes, I can find posters for the movie. I just can’t find posters that were in the movie (or rather reproductions of them).

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