July 15, 2011

friday i’m in love

Okay, not really. But I was thinking of love a bunch this morning. Specifically, why “I love you” carries so much weight and if it should.

I never thought I’d say this, but I now think we place too much of a burden on those words. They are often used as a shorthand for conveying serious feelings or expectations. Unfortunately, this can lead to some freak-outs or false assumptions (I don’t think I have to give you examples of what I mean).

I’ve stopped myself from saying I love you a time or two in the past few years because I was afraid it would be taken the wrong way. In these instances, I wanted to express that I felt full of love and simply wanted to share that love within the moment. It was not code for “I want to spend every moment with you, get married and have your children.” Nor did it mean, “Please choose me.” It really was (or would have been) a spontaneous outpouring of love.

Can we ever be fearless enough to express love—or understand the expression of it—in a lighthearted way? You know, in the unconditional way we tell small children, or animals, or even inanimate objects (e.g. I love these shoes).

I’m sure going to try.

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